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Since I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter since forever I will elaborate why Harry Potter (the series not the main man) is the best on planet earth.

  • Harry Potter isn’t American: Now I have nothing against the people of USA it’s just that it was refreshing to read a book about magic that didn’t take place in New York or Los Angeles but good ol’ London (well for 20% of the book at least) with plenty of British slang. Bloody Hell.
  • Red heads are celebrated: In fact not one but nine red heads are featured in the books. That’s right I’m referring to the Weasleys, Ron (Harry Potter’s BFF lol) big family, who are all made up of carrot tops!
  • Hermione is smart: Finally a female character who is smart and brave and tackles obstacles like an equal alongside her male best friends Harry and Ron! Plus she does not need to do any fighting in high heels and a short tight outfit! You go girl!
  • The Number One Reason Why Harry Potter Rules Is… the series walked into my life as a preteen and has never left since!

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