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Yes ladies and gents it’s that time again when one must post something on their blog before devout readers start sending  emails asking if you have died. LOL. Unfortunately I do not have the pleasure of receiving such emails  since I don’t have any followers yet (not that I care really I love talking to myself. I do it everyday anyways. Hehe). Anyhoo I’ve decided to discuss The Big Bang Theory in this post because it has been bothering me quite a bit these last couple of weeks. It’s not because I’m starting to find the show tedious, on the contrary I’ve grown quite obsessed with the series, it’s just that I haven’t had my weekly fix of the show since three weeks ago! I need to watch it! I have to get it! I’ve succumbed to searching Google for any little tidbit of info I can find. It still hasn’t cured my hunger pains! I need my Shelly served with a side of adorable anal retentiveness! sob! My addiction supplier (aka dude) has decided to wait for his friend (slowpoke) to download the next episode – or episodes at the rate they are going – and refuses to do it himself! I’ll just have to wait until they decide to get the episode/s. Until then I’ll live in this permanent zombie state while I’m forcefully  weened off my addiction.  P. S. I might have the shakes next who knows, so if I haven’t posted anything in about 3 weeks you may start sending emails asking me if I am still alive!



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