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Did I do that? This iconic catchphrase spoken by one of the best (or worst) nerds of the 21st century: Steve Urkel. Mr Urkel appeared in the show Family Matters as the Winslow family’s annoying and suspenders-loving neighbour. His huge 1,5 Coke bottle glasses and atrocious dress sense makes him the epitome of a nerd. Urkel started out as a recurring character in season one of the show but was promoted to main character from season two until the series ended in 1998 in its ninth season after he became an audience favourite. Certain members of the Winslow family were annoyed by him but eventually grew to like him and he even married their daugther Laura after many failed attempts at winning her heart. Steve’s own family didn’t like him very much so he found comfort in the fact that he could pop around univited at the Winslow’s home. Eventhough they were slightly annoyed that he would just invite himself  without their consent they still let him in. He even created an alter ego called Stefan Urquelle who was more handsome and less obnoxious than Steve. The character Steve Urkel made  90’s television fun and exciting to watch (at the time).

Steve Urkel will always be a fond memory for me of growing up. I remember one particular night I was at my  grandmother’s house  I wanted to watch Family Matters and my grandmother wanted to watch the news. The two shows clashed because they were on different channels but they both were aired at the same time. I got extremely angry and starting sulking on the floor while my family laughed at me. I eventually got my way by then it was too late. I missed 20 minutes of the show. I sulked some more because I missed more than half of the show! LOL. The reason why I’m mentioning this is because that day I realised that I wasn’t always going to get my way and if I wanted my way I better grow up and buy my own television set! I never nagged her again. Actually I’ve never nagged anyone after that incident…


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