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Watch more on youtube of Sheldon’s “meltdown”. Just type “the big bang theory sheldon cooper drunk” on Google and you will find so many videos of this hilarious episode! The above vid is justĀ a taste

see it also on youtube:

This could possibly be the best comedy series I’ve seen in ages. Not only are all of the characters relatable but Sheldon Cooper is the reason why the show is so successful and why I stay glued to my TV set to see what he will do next. The series is now it its 3rd season and I heard that they have been given the go ahead to do a 4th and 5th season. I’m so excited! Long Live The Big Bang Theory! šŸ™‚


Since I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter since forever I will elaborate why Harry Potter (the series not the main man) is the best on planet earth.

  • Harry Potter isn’t American: Now I have nothing against the people of USA it’s just that it was refreshing to read a book about magic that didn’t take place in New York or Los Angeles but good ol’ London (well for 20% of the book at least) with plenty of British slang. Bloody Hell.
  • Red heads are celebrated: In fact not one but nine red heads are featured in the books. That’s right I’m referringĀ to the Weasleys, Ron (Harry Potter’s BFF lol) big family, who are all made up of carrot tops!
  • Hermione is smart: Finally a female character who is smart and brave and tacklesĀ obstacles like an equal alongside her male best friends Harry and Ron! Plus she does not need to do any fighting in high heels and a short tight outfit! You go girl!
  • The Number One Reason Why Harry Potter Rules Is… the series walked into my life as a preteen and has never left since!

Blogging is definitely something I must get used. I began another blog a couple of months ago but sadly I have lost all my passion for it. Let’s just say the topic wasn’t all (I thought) it was cracked up to be. Today IĀ start afresh: New blog with a new topic and new enthusiasm! Yes ladies and gents this blog will be about celebrating the nerd in all of us. Yup I said ALL of us. We all possess some of the quirks that make up our favourite nerds from TV and film; whether it’s the brace face of Ugly Betty that makes us reminisce of our awkward teen years or the anal retentitiveness of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory that we relate too. Nerds need to be celebrated and that’s what I plan to do with this blog!!