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Chapter 1_Amina, Alyssa and Kevin

Two matrics, Amina Thornton and her best friend Alyssa Peters, sit in their crowded school library trying to figure out a maths equation.

“Trust me. I’m correct,” says Alyssa.

“No you’re not. The answer is 5 not 3,” argues Amina.

“Really? How did you arrive at that conclusion?”

“I just did”.

This back and forth a…rguing occurs whenever both girls are under pressure or if both believe that they are right – especially Alyssa. Their friendship began when Alyssa saw Amina sitting alone. Alyssa went up to her and started chatting for about two minutes before she eventually asked Amina for her name. Ever since then they’ve been best friends and even though they argue everyday they’ve never had serious fallout. If you ask anyone they will say that they are the closest example of a perfect friendship.

“Okay, fine. If you don’t want to tell me how you got that answer. It’s fine. We will see tomorrow in class who is right,” says Alyssa.

Amina laughs. “You are so weird”.

“So are you”.

“Just wait until he gets here. He will agree with me”.

“No he won’t. Just because he is your boyfriend…Oh look, talk about the devil,” Alyssa points to the door.

Kevin Hendricks walks over to the table where the girls are seated. He plants a kiss on Amina’s head and sits down on the empty chair next to Alyssa. Kevin and Amina only started dating because Alyssa forced the two to go on a date. They both hated that Alyssa was a control freak. Little does Alyssa know that this is the reason why they bonded.

“Kevin will you please tell Alyssa that the answer to this equation is 5 and not 3,” says Amina.

Kevin takes her book and looks at the sum and does the same with Alyssa’s book. He sits and thinks for moment then lifts his head from the books.

“Alyssa’s right,” he says.

She punches the air while Amina gives a mock pout and starts laughing.

“How did you suddenly get so smart Kevin?” Alyssa asks.

Kevin ignores her question and jokes: “Seriously when is this rivalry going to end”.

“I really don’t know. Honestly I feel so stressed out lately. Our first major matric exam is around the corner and I feel as if I’m drowning in work. I need more time,” Alyssa sighs.

“Yes, I know what you mean. I want to get into UCT but sometimes I doubt I will achieve that goal,” Amina says.

Kevin looks at them and smiles.

“What’s up with that grin?” asks Alyssa.

“Girls I’ve just heard the most amazing news yesterday. It will make all of your problems go away”.

Chapter 2_Remedy X

Alyssa, Amina and Kevin sit at a table in the library.

“What is this miracle that supposed to make our problems fade away?” Alyssa asks.

“You guys remember my cousin Malcolm?” says Kevin.

Both girls nod.

“Well you remember he knows the right remedy to every sickness”.

“Yes. Now what is your point?” asks Alyssa.

“Well there is this pill that just arrived in South Africa from Europe. Apparently students that were borderline failures from Germany, Italy, England, France and Greece tried this pill and all of them suddenly improved. They all went from 10% students to achieving 80, 90 even 100%,” says Kevin.

Alyssa and Amina start laughing.

“Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Sweet but naive Kevin. Do you honestly think that such a pill exists? You must be crazy,” Alyssa shakes her head.

“Yes, Sweetie rather stick to painting portraits than tell such nonsense to us,” Amina suggests.

“What if I tell you guys that I took the pill this morning, before I wrote my electronic geography test, and guess what?”

“You aced it,” Alyssa jokes.

“Yes! I did,” Kevin smiles.

“What! You always fail geography,” Amina stares at him.

“Yes, all 50 questions correct,” Kevin smiles again.

“No. You are lying,” Alyssa says flabbergasted.

“Here’s proof that I didn’t cheat”.Kevin takes out a page.

On the page are his results plus today’s date and it’s signed by his geography teacher Mr. Winkel.

“Oh my God. You DID pass,” Amina beams and hugs him.

“Well it’s all thanks to Remedy X,” Kevin says.

“Is that the name? Well what is it supposed to do besides the obvious?” Alyssa asks.

“Well it is supposed to awaken your subconscious memory. You see I study geography but when I write an exam I don’t remember anything but when I took Remedy X this morning I suddenly remembered everything I studied from as far back as 2 years ago. That’s why I knew Alyssa’s maths answer was right”.

“This stuff sounds amazing!” Amina smiles.

“I want to try it out now,” Alyssa’s eyes go wide with excitement.

“I’ve got a week’s worth at home for the both of you. Come over tonight and I’ll give it to you,” Kevin says.

At 6pm they sit in Kevin’s bedroom.

“Kevvie Love where are these miracle pills?” Alyssa asks.

“Hold on,” Kevin opens his cupboard and takes out two bottles of Remedy X. He hands them to both girls.

“What is this going to cost?” Alyssa says suspiciously.

“Nothing. They are free but once your supply runs out you have to get them from my cousin.”

“Ja, that if it works the way I want it to,” Alyssa says.

“It says on the bottle that we should take one pill every morning. There are only 7 pills in here. Wow only a week’s supply,” Amina says sarcastically.

“Well it is still a relatively new drug,” Kevin shrugs.

“I don’t know about this, guys,” Amina doubts.

“I’m going to take it. Look your boyfriend is still alive and he took the stuff. C’mon are you scared?” Alyssa taunts.

“No I’m not,” Amina defends herself.

In one quick movement Alyssa opens her bottle and pops one big white pill in her mouth.

“That tasted like chocolate,” she smiles.

Amina stares at her bottle and proceeds to open it

Chapter 3_Super Conscious

Amina twists the top off her Remedy X bottle. The pills inside are gigantic and white. They smell lovely like butter caramel chocolate fudge.

“They smell nice,” she thinks out loud.

“Yup,” Alyssa answers.

Eventually Amina takes out one of the pills and pops it in her mouth. The sensation is unlike anything she has ever felt before. Her whole body feels weightless as if she is about to take off and fly away. Then all of a sudden she starts remembering the answer to the maths equation that she and Alyssa were trying to figure was in fact 3 and not 5 as she had previously argued. Her memories also drift to other subjects such as the capital of Romania was Bucharest and she remembers French how to speak French even though the last time she spoke it was 10 years before.

“Oh my goodness. What is in this stuff? It’s amazing it’s as if I can think of any question and I will know the answer,” Amina says.

“Ja, I bet you that maths answer is 3,” Alyssa says.

“You were right but that’s not the point. The point is that this is really weird. My memory seems so… so… clear!” Amina smiles.

“You see I told you guys. Tomorrow you will show Ms. Michaels that you do understand her work,” Kevin says.

“Maths class here we come,” Alyssa jokes.

That night Amina couldn’t sleep because she was too excited. She remembered where she lost her necklace two months before so she visited her aunt a few houses away to pick it up. She also remembered that she wanted to finish a novel which she had written a few years before but put it away and forgot about it. She worked through the night until the next morning.

School began at 8 o’ clock and Amina couldn’t believe her eyes when the clock read 6:09 am. She spent the whole night writing a novel and she didn’t feel sleepy at all. She got ready for school and arrived 20 minutes early. She spotted Alyssa and Kevin by the gate.

“Hello Mina!” Alyssa smiles and waves and looks as if she won the lottery.

“Why are you so happy?” Amina asks while Kevin wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Because last night I was awake trying to figure out why Clayton Johnson always looks away when I try to speak to him and then it occurred to me that he likes me,” Alyssa says.

“It doesn’t take us whole night to figure that out,” jokes Kevin.

“No No No. You aren’t letting me finish my story. Guys I think I can read body language. It’s that pill it is making me super conscious. Remember the English test I barely passed two weeks ago? I remembered all the answers last night,” Alyssa says.

“I experienced more or less something similar. This is the best thing that was ever invented thank you Kevin,” Amina beams.

“It was my pleasure. I don’t think we need sleep for another 2 years because our minds are too brilliant for that,” Kevin says.

They walk into the school with weird smiles plastered on their faces and their eyes a slightly darker colour.


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